The purpose of this blog is to cover Thoughtfront(ing), my approach to managing the creative process, plus complimentary areas of personal empowerment.The word is similar to storm front, except instead of rain and lightning bolts, the spread of thoughts and building of new ideas, in a productive fashion.

The over all strategies are related to GTD but for profusely creative techy people, where the 80/20 rule can sometimes lop off the head of the most innovative ideas, before they’ve been born.

Some Core Ideas on this blog

  • New Ideas are fragile, capture them in the wild.
  • Continual Clustering of ideas (prior to 80/20 when scheduling)
  • Embrace and Extend Metaphors
  • Thinking Tools
  • Enjoying the results.

There are some areas that are in start contrast to GTD, and 4 hour workweek. But in actually thoughtfronting is a tool and strategy to be used at sometimes and avoided at others.

Thus the site should be considered a sketch, with bolder strokes being filled in the future as time permits.  The goal of these posts for me is to capture the thoughts as real world reminds me, in gaps between my schedule, so might be rough around the spelling edges. I will eventually migrate into a wiki for better clarity, and software tools/games, and ebooks to reach larger audiences.

Feel free to contact me, with any questions, comments Troy @ TroyGardner dot com.

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